Things that remind you to breathe...

I started to realise that if I wanted that beauty and wonder to fall out of my fingertips, then I had to feel it first... and to feel it I had to blindly hand over every fear and crippling doubt in exchange for such magic...


Yearly Guided Self-Love Journal

Let this journal hold you exactly as you are. Let it slowly guide you to come home to this moment, come home to your body, and come home to the love that is alive within you. Let your beautiful journey begin...

Take a Peek...

About Me

Created by hand, lovingly made in Australia

My love for drawing and words has been my way of expressing the mysteries of my inner world and through the aches, has shown me more magical moments than I ever could have imagined.

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Monthly Musings

A Meditation for Deep Trust

A Meditation for Deep Trust

Take a smooth, easy breath in… then lovingly let it go. Relax your shoulders, your jaw. Soften into your body... It is time to remember your trus...

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25 Self-Love Journal Prompts

25 Self-Love Journal Prompts

You were born from love and your spirit is always calling you to remember that love is your natural state. When you make nurturing self-love a prio...

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