A Meditation for Deep Trust

Take a smooth, easy breath in…
then lovingly let it go.

Relax your shoulders, your jaw.
often into your body...

It is time to remember your trusting nature. 

Take a moment to remind yourself that nothing about you is wrong or broken. You have made no mistakes. No choices you have made have taken you further away from the love inside you. Your life is a beautiful tapestry of events, a field of learning and growing, a masterpiece of love.

The painful moments are always cracking you open, a gift awakening you to more love. Even when you deny your love, it is still alive and breathing, waiting for you to come home.

Rest in the knowing that you don’t need to run anymore. Don’t be afraid to
look into your own eyes and see yourself. To see the pain and suffering and to
let it be there.

Take a moment to allow the feeling of trust to unravel and bathe you in calm. Breathe here, expanding your sense of trust in the highs and lows, in yourself, in the universe, in this moment.

Whisper to yourself:

‘There is no need to run. I trust the unfolding of my life’.

Love Jenna





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