What are positive Affirmations? How to make them work for you!

Affirmations have been a powerful and supportive tool that I have used to nurture my own mental health and wellbeing.

They are simple statements that we repeat to ourselves to encourage self-kindness and positive change. By becoming aware of our thoughts and repeating supportive Affirmations with a gentle and open attitude, we can influence our emotions, our actions and our entire experience of life.

Here are some of my favourites:

‘I deserve to slow down and nurture my energy’
‘I am awake to the natural magic and wonder that surrounds me every day’
‘I am imperfect and worthy of love and belonging’
‘I look for things to appreciate and it fills me with joy’

While I love using Affirmations now, I have to admit that I had a love-hate relationship with them for a long time. They mostly felt untrue and annoying to repeat to myself. Over time, I learnt how to use them in a supportive way rather than forcing them or approaching them with a perfectionist mindset.

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My TOP TIPS to using Affirmations:

Patience and Repetition
Some Affirmations may feel untrue to begin with and that is okay. As you repeat them gently over time, they will begin to feel more natural. Affirmations are a life-long practice, so be easy about them, leave perfectionism at the door, and trust that the seeds will grow in perfect timing.

Embody them
The magic is felt when you not only say the words but when you feel the emotion of them as if they are true. When you feel them in your body, you naturally become drawn towards action that supports the Affirmation. Take a moment to feel them resonate in your body, even just for a moment.

Take Action
Taking action that supports the Affirmation gives your body and mind a tangible experience that helps it become more believable. I have found this to be such an important step, rather than trying to create change solely with my mind.

Make them work for YOU
There is great power in the Affirmations that we resist, but if they feel too jarring or challenging to begin with, try writing them in a more gentle way or swap words for ones that feel more soothing for you. You can also soften them by beginning your Affirmation with ‘I am ready to…’ or ‘I would love to…’. Then when you feel more open, you can try to repeat them in the present tense.

I’d love to know your favourite Affirmation right now in the comments below. Or if you are struggling with a negative thought or particular area in your life, comment below and I will reply with a suggested Affirmation for you :)

Have a beautiful day and always remember, you are exactly where you need to be.

Love Jenna


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