How to Use Affirmation Cards

While you can use Affirmations at any time, it can be helpful to play with them when you feel most open. For me, this is usually first thing in the morning, after a short yoga class at home or walk outside. You might like to take a few deep breaths before you use them, have your journal ready to explore them deeper, light a candle or anything else that makes you feel extra snug and supported.

Affirmation Cards laid out on a bed to choose a card for the day

Here are some suggestions and ways that I have enjoyed using them:

  • Shuffle the cards and choose a new Affirmation each day.
  • Create a special ritual with your loved ones by choosing one each day together.
  • Put your daily Affirmation on your mirror, fridge or work-desk.
  • Journal about the Affirmation and how you can take action.
  • Take a photo of the Affirmation and use it as your phone wallpaper.
  • Look for small moments during the day that confirm the Affirmation. It could be as simple as a hug from a friend, a meal you are grateful for, an inspiring conversation, a walk in nature.
  • Take the Affirmation as a theme for your day and consciously look for ways to take action to affirm it.

Most importantly, use Affirmation Cards in whatever way feels inspiring for you! Tune in each day as your needs change.

Remember to have fun with them and be easy! Affirmations are most powerful when you loosen your grip and approach them with a sense of lightness and curiosity.

I’d love to know an Affirmation that would help you today in the comments below. Or if you are struggling with a negative thought or particular area in your life, comment below and I will reply with a suggested Affirmation for you :)

Have a beautiful day and always remember, you are exactly where you need to be.

Love Jenna


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