Bushfire Appeal - Limited Edition Print


‘The seeds you plant in your mind are the seeds that fall from your hand. What kind of garden are your growing? What kind of world are you creating?’

Inspired by the 2019 Australian Bushfire's, I decided to create an artwork to inspire change. Change in the way we live, think and act. It’s not just about donating money, but about slowing down the destructive ways of thinking and tuning into a deeper part of us that guides us to live with awareness and in harmony. A clear thinking human being can move mountains.

I donating 100% of profits for this artwork to the Red Cross and WIRES Wildlife.

I hope that this artwork will sit on your wall for years to come and inspire you to move towards consciousness and connection… to yourself and in turn, the world around you.

Art is hope. It is strength. It is the reminder in the darkest of times that we are capable of creating beauty with out hearts and minds.


Signed Limited Edition of 30 prints available as A5, A4, A3.

Creamy textured art paper.

Artworks fit into standard frame sizes.

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